Hackathons and Meetups

Are you arranging a hackathon or meetup? We’d love to help out! Punch Through offers sponsorship, speakers and workshops for hackathons and meetups.

Simone speaking


Punch Through can help sponsor your hackathon or meetup. We typically provide hardware, but we are also open to other forms of sponsorship. We have previously sponsored events like IoT Hack Day, IoT Fuse and Arduino Group of Minnesota. Punch Through especially encourages events for underrepresented groups such as women and people of color. Contact us about sponsoring an event.


We have in-house experts in Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacons, hardware development, software development, prototyping, Arduino, and much more! Contact us about speaking at an event.


We offer workshops on the LightBlue Bean, Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacons. Whether you are learning basic hardware hacking or want to learn about the different BLE protocols as an advanced user, we can help you out on the way. Contact us about arranging a workshop.


Have any other ideas on how we can help your organization? Email us and we’ll se what we can do!