PIN Code Security


Out of the box, your Bean can be programmed by any device with BLE running Bean Loader. If you’d like to ensure you are the only one who can program your Bean, you can configure Bean to require a PIN code on connection.

In this guide, you'll set up PIN code security on your Bean. Only your authorized devices will be able to connect to, program, and update your Bean.


This tutorial assumes you have completed the Getting Started guide and that you understand how to upload a sketch to Bean using Bean Loader.



Enabling PIN Code Security

Set the Bean's PIN Code

Open Bean Loader for OS X. Scan for and connect to your Bean.

Once you have connected to your Bean, right-click on it and select Pairing PIN Settings:

Pairing PIN Settings

Now you can set your Bean's PIN code:

Set Bean's PIN code

Valid PIN codes are 6-digit numbers in the range 000000 to 999999.

Once you enter a valid PIN and click Enable, Bean Loader will set your Bean's PIN code and secure your Bean. You'll see a padlock by your Bean:

Bean is PIN protected

After entering your PIN, both your Bean and your device will save the connection information. The next time you connect to your Bean with the same device, it will bypass PIN code authorization and connect immediately.

If you don’t enter the correct PIN when you connect another device, you will be disconnected from the Bean. No information can be read from the Bean unless a device connects with the correct PIN.

Now you can upload a sketch to your Bean just like you normally do!

Verify Authentication Works

To test your Bean's new PIN code, disconnect from your Bean, then reconnect. OS X should prompt you to provide a PIN for your Bean:

OS X pairing request

Enter the PIN you assigned and press Enter to connect to your Bean.

You will notice that the next time you connect to your Bean with the loader, you will not be prompted to enter your PIN code. This is normal! The Bean knows it connected to your computer last and will not prompt again for a PIN code. In the BLE world, this authentication step is known as bonding.

Disabling Authentication

If you’d like to remove authorization protection from your Bean, perform the following steps.

  • Connect to your Bean with the loader. Enter your PIN code if the pairing prompt appears.
  • Right-click on your Bean and select Pairing PIN Settings.
  • Click the Disable button on the PIN code configuration screen.

The lock icon should disappear. You can now connect to your Bean without a PIN code.


In the guide, you learned how to enable and disable Bean's PIN code protection. This can help keep your device secure if it's somewhere public where lots of people can connect to it wirelessly.


I Forgot My PIN Code

If you cannot remember your PIN code, or don’t have access to the loader application, you can erase your PIN code by following the steps provided on the Troubleshooting page under Reset your Bean. This will erase any sketch loaded on your Bean!

Bean Doesn't Remember My Device

If you are constantly being asked to enter a PIN code, Bean's list of bonded devices may have grown too large to authorize your device. Setting a new PIN code will clear Bean's device bonding table so it can keep track of your device.

Bean's bonded device list will be cleared if you do any of the following:

  1. Set a new PIN code
  2. Disable PIN code authorization
  3. Reset your Bean

Other Problems

Having trouble with this guide? Try the steps listed in General Bean troubleshooting. Or reach out to our community at Beantalk for direct help with your problem.