Welcome to Bean!

Congratulations! You're the proud new owner of a LightBlue Bean. What’s even cooler is you are now part of our creative and innovative community that’s building some pretty awesome wearable and IoT devices. We’ll go over the features of Bean and the resources we provide so you can begin building. We at Punch Through love building wireless products with Bean and we think you will too!

Get Started

Ready to get started with Bean? Pick your favorite platform to install Bean Loader and program your Bean:

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Bean Features

The Bean is part of the LightBlue Platform.

The LightBlue Platform is Punch Through's way of adding value to your product. LightBlue adds complex BLE functionality to your existing code, leaving you to write just the business logic. If you want to turn your Bean project into a product, check out the LightBlue Platform!

LightBlue Bean features

Looking for specifics about the Bean's hardware? Check out our tech specs page.

Be an Inventor

Programming Bean has never been so easy. With wireless programming and our Bean Loader app, you can write code anywhere and everywhere. There are unlimited possibilities of what you can build with Bean! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Make Bean run (almost) forever: Since Bean runs on battery power, we've made it power-efficient. You can tell your Bean to wake up when a phone connects, when a specific pin toggles or when you tap it with your finger.

Talk to your connected devices: Bean uses Bluetooth Low Energy, so wireless communications won't suck the battery dry. Control motors or servos from your phone, or log data from your air quality sensor straight to your laptop without wires.

Looking for more project ideas? Check out Hackster.io, the social hub we use to share project ideas and builds.

The Beantalk Community

We're proud to host one of the coolest groups of makers at Beantalk, our community forums. If you're looking for project inspiration, troubleshooting issues, or showing off something cool you built, Beantalk is the place to go!